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At Performance Fitness Lab we combine our personal and professional experience to create training programs tailored to our clients needs. With an array of techniques, our programs are designed to be unique and exciting. Our approach uses a variety of equipment to achieve the best results for your success.

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About Our Owner

Jesse Hicks has been active in performance and fitness training for over 25 years.  In the past, Jesse has personally competed in powerlifting and body building competitions.   In 2010 he began to coach track athletes.  This reignited his true passion of coaching individuals to become the best they can be.  Although no longer competing himself, Jesse combines what he has learned over the last years to help interested individuals and athletes to become the best they can be. With experience in strength and conditioning, as well as coaching track, Jesse brings a unique perspective on training people of all ages and abilities.  Jesse constantly develops creative training  tailored to help each individual achieve their fitness goals.



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